Welcome to We Are Menifee, I am your host Richard Sandoval and a few weeks back I sat down with the City Manager of Menifee, Armando G. Villa to discuss the state of our city. We talked about the effect the pandemic has had on our city, parks, the movie theater and the status of Holland overpass project. We began our conversation talk about the challenges of developing a police department during the pandemic.

About the City Managers Office
• Serves as an advisor to the City Council on policy matter impacting Menifee’s community and the city organization
• Enacts policies and procedures to efficiently and effectively carry out the City Council’s directives
• Supports the information and policy-making needs of the City Council and implements City Council decisions
• Appoints the city department directors
• Ensures that city services are performed to the highest standard in accordance with City Council goals and policies
• Prepares, manages, and implements the annual budgets for the city as well as the City Capital Improvement Program (CIP), in support of City Council goals.

Approximate video times for the topics listed below.
0:43 – Our Police Department
1:42 – Holland Overpass Project
8:09 – Our Parks
10:22 – Status of Movie Theater
12:00 -State of the Menifee


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